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Social media marketing is a vital marketing tools for any business large or small. No matter how involved you want to be with your social media efforts, we have a solution for you. When we take over your social media, we will create, build and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and literally thousands of other social media profiles that is all linked back to your website, creating the ever so important inbound links. If you leverage your social media properly you can have it working for you and generating positive results from the "new age word of mouth".

Social Media Cycle

There are four stages in a successful social media cycle >>

You need to have all four of these stages to obtain social media success, but most important of the 4 is social listening.

Social listening gives you the insights you need to perform the other 3 stages of the cycle. It will help you develop a strategy that will make you an influencer, give you a strong network and help you generate lots of leads and sales.

  • Listening
  • Influencing
  • Networking
  • Selling


Social Listening - Monitoring and responding to customer service and reputation management issues on the social web.


Social Influencing - Establishing authority on the social web, often through the distribution and sharing of valuable content.


Social Networking - Finding and associating with authoritative and influencial individuals and brands on the social web


Social Selling - Generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects on the social web.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Credit to Digital Marketer for Their Graphic


Aviva Lipnick

Donna was with me every step of the way, brainstorming, guiding and especially taking care of my social media when I didn’t have a clue. Thanks for caring Donna.

Lynda Houston

Donna Amos knows her stuff and she gets the job done. In the short time she has been at the helm of my social media marketing, I have seen a significant increase in my website traffic, and in my sales. I highly recommend Solopreneur Solutions, LLC.

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