Business Consulting and Coaching

Hiring a businesses coach is what savvy business owners who want to challenge themselves tend to do – improving their game all of the time. Owners that know they can do more and need a partner to join the mix. Accountability, feedback, encouragement and tough love.

One on One coaching can be the support you need to make that big push and take your business to the next level.
You choose the amount of support you need, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

A marketing coach is perfect for the DIYer who wants to learn what and how to do the marketing that will generate lead and sales.

Donna Amos

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Dennis Devlin

Dennis Devlin

Business Owner, Consumer Clarity

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are “in the know” realize that their business success improves significantly when they work closely with a business coach. If you want your success to skyrocket, however, you have to have a very special business coach to make that happen. That is why I work with Donna Amos. She challenges me constantly to break down my self-imposed barriers, create new revenue streams, and develop systems to become more efficient and more effective. I highly recommend Donna because she can help you achieve what you might not think is possible for your business. She will help you realize those infinite possibilities. I know because she is already helping make them happen for me.”