We Don't Just Generate Leads But We Are Nurturing Your Leads To Sales Before You Even Talk To Them

Where do you stand with your current marketing efforts? Take the audit now and learn how you can double your sales.


Are You Being Found Online? 

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We have a proven system for local businesses that focuses on 3 parts of your digital marketing presence. First we get you setup with our business listings solution and get you listed on over 60 online directories while keeping your information correct and up to date. Then we will generate leads through database activation (no additional costs to you) and through pay-per-click marketing and schedule appointments on your behalf. We will then nurture those leads we generate until they are ready to buy so they don't shop somewhere else after you have warmed them up for the sale. Lastly we will generate customer reviews providing social proof which will help build your online reputation and get you to the top of Google.

Special offer! We deliver results or your money back +$100.

Solopreneur Solution's Digital Marketing Services

We are a full service digital marketing agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio and specializing in lead generation, but more importantly, lead nurturing. We don't just get you leads but we convert those leads to sales before you even have to talk to your potential customer.

Appointment Booking

This is where we excel. We are so good at booking appointments, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it like this for years. We use the most up to date technology to generate and nurture leads into sales. It's time to get in touch with modern marketing before your competition beats you to it.

Website Design and Development

Website design for engaging brand identities. Your business attracts your ideal clients in a singular voice refined by award-winning creativity and an integrated marketing consultation.

Directory Listings

Are you being found online or are you just hoping that someone finds you randomly? Have you done all the necessary steps to allow people to find you organically? You on the first page of Google? We will help set your foundation and then get you listed on over 60 directories which actually allows you to be found online.

Search Engine Optimization

Evaluating your website for proper SEO implementation which includes providing keyword research, sitemaps, submitting to Google and Bing for indexing so you can get found. We update all of your content to ensure it can be found by the search engines.

Social Media Management

Daily postings for engaging with prospects and customers on their turf, building your “tribe” of followers and establishing social authority for you and your business.

Reputation Management

Reputation of a business is crucial for its survival... Good reputation management can easily help a business to gain trust. Positive reviews lead to a good reputation which shows your business is more credible than your competitors.

Email Marketing

Once you have a subscriber in your email list you should have a series of automated emails that help to do two things, first make them feel like you care that they have engaged with your brand. Second, is to consistently move them through the buying process step by step to turn them into buyers.

Paid Advertising

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) and Facebook Ads are the two gorillas of PPC advertising. We specialize in creating ads, generating leads and converting those leads to sales.

Here’s what people are saying about Solopreneur Solutions

Matt Habermehl

IX Property Solutions

incredibly personalized approach geared

Kyle offers an incredibly personalized approach geared for your company and industry. He shows a thorough knowledge of his craft and is willing to work with the pickiest clients with the most specific vision (me) to make the vision a reality. Highly recommended!!

Sandra Holtzman

Marketing Cures

Expert, Personable and Extremely Trustworthy

Donna is an expert, personable, and extremely trustworthy. She will recommend what she thinks you need but also work with you within any parameters you have. She not only did a great job creating my website and doing my social and digital media, but she does the same thing for my marketing clients that I refer to her.

JaLeena Anthony

Create That Party

Donna and her team are awesome!

​Donna and her team are awesome! She listened and really delivered. She was receptive to any feedback that I had so that it could really be a customized experience!

Why you should consider solopreneur solutions

We aren't like those other guys who use blackhat techniques to grab you a bunch of poor leads from a list, we use the most current methods and technology in the industry to stay ahead of the competition and to close those leads that keep slipping away. Not only will we generate you new leads, but we will get them booked for a phone appointment or your service before you even talk to them. We are essentially another sales person for your team but with much more capabilities and at a much cheaper rate. Plus we come already trained! Have more people on your sales team? We have integration solutions to help them close more sales too.

Stop paying for overpriced marketing services, we off the best value in the industry because we are here to help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs alike, succeed! Not only will we offer you a great value for our services but we have plans in place to take control of your competitions marketing by closing the leads they warm up. 

Take the time today to take a marketing audit and see where you stack up against your competition. It's free and it will help you get an idea on what you need to implement into your business. We offer solutions and strategies for business owners to manage all their marketing efforts themselves completely, with our help or you can just have us manage your digital marketing and online presence completely. 

5 Leads in 30 days or your money back + $100

We are so confident that our system will provide you with substantial results that we are willing to slap a guarantee on it. If we don't generate you 5 leads in 30 days we will give you your money back plus $100.

That's right, it's a win-win scenario for you. Either you make an impact with your business and generate more income or you make $100 off of us if our proven system doesn't work.

What's to lose?

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