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We do all book publishing through our sub-company Inspired Press Publisher. Learn what we can do to help you become a published author.

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Inspired Press succeeds by operating within a fresh concept. Our publishing models combine the benefits of the major publishers’ traditional approach with the affordability of self-publishing. We compete with the major publishers’ production quality and profit margins without sacrificing control and independence.





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Inspired Press Gives You Options

We are one of the few publishers that allows its authors to retain full publication rights while still offering editorial, design, and production quality that matches traditional publishing houses. We do not bind our clients to us contractually. Inspired Press clients own their work.

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Masters of the Marketplace

With a new book in the making, I was pondering over what company to select for self-publication. Then I met Donna Amos! As I listened to her presentation, I felt I had found a great resource. I went away with one word, “Wow.” Upon completion of my manuscript, I contacted Donna. I found her to be creative, engaging, and very resourceful. She helped me think outside the box. She offered ideas and strategies for success. She is very skilled in the areas of social media and technology. She has a wealth of knowledge in marketing. I loved the personal touch and did not feel that I was just another client. I highly recommend her company.

Phyllis A. Clemons Author

Seniors Guide to Retirement

Donna took years of blog content and organized it into a educational resource for our target audience. We use the book to introduce our services to organizations that also support seniors and their families.

Bill Otto Financial Advisor

Chosen, Forgiven and Loved

May I recommend my friend, Donna Amos, with Solopreneur Solutions, LLC. Through her publishing company, Inspired Press Publisher, Donna came alongside my project and offered expertise in every step of the publishing process from copyright, LOC registration, editing, credits and permissions research, formatting, book cover design, and Amazon sales account setup. All of these services are provided at a surprisingly reasonable price. I constantly receive input from my readers on the excellent format and cover design of my book. If you believe you are ready to publish, please call Donna before you commit to a publisher. I am confident she can support your project with excellence.

Ken Dickerson Author & Business Owner

Inspired Press Publishing

You personally have a story to tell and share with the world. Do it in your own book in print or electronically or both.

What Do We Offer?

  • Digital Publishing
  • Traditional Publishing
  • Editing
  • Formatting for print and e-publishing
  • ISBNs
  • Book Cover Design
  • Submission to the Library of Congress

Marketing Services

  • Video Trailer(s) and distribution
  • Submit book for reviews
  • Press release
  • Book speaking gigs
  • Social media management
  • Generate and nurture leads

Soft cover and hard cover available. e-Published on multiple platforms including Amazon, iTunes, B&N and Scribd.

Our Publishing Model Allows Our Authors To Begin Where They Are Comfortable

The Inspired Press model allows our authors to become published in digital, audio and print. Providing the solopreneur the tools that help them develop their expertise and credibility as slowly or quickly as they are prepared to do.

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Inspired Press Offers Marketing Solutions That Produce Real Results

Groundbreaking in the industry, Inspired Press' marketing programs are proven, sales-focused strategies for small presses and independent authors to get books flying off the shelves, expand and leverage powerful sales platforms, and position their titles for maximum exposure to consumers.