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We work with many business owners who do not see the need in establishing a blog on their website. We assist clients in developing an editorial calendar that can help in keeping them active and consistent in their blogging. And we can also develop content for them if they choose. But before I would ask you if you want to retain us for blogging services I want you to understand how important having a blog on your website can be to your business.

The key to effective blogging is consistency. The more you blog the more traffic, the more leads, the more customers and the faster all of this happens.

Cincinnati Blogging Services

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Why Blog?

  • A blog allows you to create a base in which all of your work is anchored. It is the space used to drive traffic and engage the visitor.
  • Build a relationship with your blog visitors. With the goal of getting them into your email funnel. The email funnel allows you to consistently stay in touch with them sharing your knowledge and offerings with the intent of turning them into a paying customer.
  • Your blog is the platform to build your reputation as an expert in your area of interest.
  • Your blog helps you to build trust, the number one ingredient for making sales. Consumers (meaning all of us) are skeptical about strangers on the street and we are even more skeptical about strangers on the internet. A blog with consistent, truthful and helpful content will allow you to bridge that gap between distrust to trust.
  • Build organic search traffic. Active blogging drives more traffic to your site…and more traffic to your site means more leads. And more leads turn into paying customers.
  • It is a proven business model that has been used by many to build a business, like Brian Clark of Copyblogger or Darren Rowse of Problogger.

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