Best Damn Marketing Tool Ever: Writing A Nonfiction Book To Grow Your Business

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Best Damn Marketing Tool Ever

Don't Know Where To Start?

A book will help you build your business if used to market it properly. This book shows you a step by step process to starting and finishing your book.

Become The 3%

Only 3% of people actually start and finish a book to become the legendary status of, Published Author. Are you ready to take control of your business niche and become part of the 3%?

Marketing Strategies

Provides marketing strategies to help you get the recognition you deserve. Use your published book to become an influencer for building, promoting and monetizing your business.


What they say

"A lot of great information in an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to writing your own book. In addition to helpful content, there are useful resources and tips that I haven't seen anywhere else (for example, thinking about what your call to action should be--what do you want the reader to do after they finish reading?). This book is very much geared toward business owners who want to use it as a marketing tool, but it would also be helpful for anyone planning to write a nonfiction book. I will be referring back to this book as I work on my own project. NOTE: I received a free digital (Kindle) copy, but that did not influence my opinion or review."

Verity - Amazon Review

In The Book, You Will Discover:

A fully updated process to writing a book to benefit your business and career!

A Book Will Help Your Business

Not sure what topic to pick? It's whatever will lead to the greatest positive outcome for your readers. Highlight your best chapters and most exciting discoveries.

Easy Step-By-Step Process

This process begins with identifying who you are writing for. Then how to choose your topic and develop your outline. Once your outline is developed you will walk through how to create the content.

Marketing Strategies

If you are a speaker, coach, or consultant, writing a book can help you to get more business and increase your fees. A book is the best damn marketing tool you can use.

Become A Speaker

If your book is going to open doors for you to get speaking gigs or interviews, then you will want a speaker’s sheet developed that you can send when requesting the gig.

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