How to Leverage Follow-up Emails for Lead Generation

Do you remember back to the time you registered your first email address (AOL or Hotmail, if you are of, ahem, a certain age)? You’d get an email from that long-lost friend who disappeared off to Australia? Do you remember how excited you felt to see that name appear in your inbox? Do you remember […]

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Website Trends for 2022

In order to have a well-designed website, there are several things you need to know. This list has some important website trends for 2022. The online presence that your company has in your industry will play a large role when it comes to its future success. After all, you can’t expect to maximize your sales […]

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The Video Explosion

As a small business owner you should not ignore the power of video to promote your business. It is the best tool to help prospects get to know, like and trust you. for 10 marketing tips to use in video marketing. 15 years ago, making even a simple marketing video was a somewhat […]

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Starting a Podcast to Market Your Business

32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month, and that figure is changing rapidly. Podcast episodes are easy for people to search, access, and listen to. Listeners can find most podcasts for free on different platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. With the podcast industry evolving, these platforms make it easier and […]

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A Short Guide to Understanding Instagram Marketing

What started as a mobile app to share photos has evolved into a diverse social media platform called Instagram. With over 1 billion users – about 60% of whom use the app daily – Instagram is the perfect platform to grow your audience and build brand awareness. In fact, 83% of users have said they […]

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10 Steps to Improve Your Solopreneur Website

Defensibly, the internet remains a significant part of marketing for solopreneurs worldwide and your website is the foundation of that marketing. Try imagining a small business trying to rise above the competition, increasing sales, and growing the business without using digital marketing? It must be challenging and fruitless. Arguably, a significant percentage of consumers make […]

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How to Develop a SEO Campaign to Improve Ranking

Every website can use an SEO campaign to improve ranking. This is true of websites that have been established for years, or ones that are brand new. It’s true of sites that are already benefiting from search traffic and ones that have only the rarest of visitors. There is always room for improvement when it […]

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What is Schema Markup

Schema is a coding language or structured data vocabulary to help ensure search engines comprehend different elements on your website. This enables you to provide informative elements such as rich snippets for SERPS. Schema allows you to improve SEO by identifying: Entities Actions Emails Webpage relationships You have most likely viewed search results offering direct […]

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Best Lead Magnets for Solopreneurs

Introduction Solo entrepreneurs, or solopreneurs for short, often struggle with attracting new and returning customers. It can be really hard to convince someone to trust you and try you out if they do not recognize your brand name. Therefore, you have to be deliberate in acquiring customers as a small business. That’s where lead magnets […]

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