Coaches Marketing

You Just found the Best-Kept Secret of Life, Health, Relationship and Business Coaches and Consultants

Are you SO over spending hours hunched over your keyboard, creating content instead of doing what you love (like working with your clients)?

Do you know what one of the most important factors for scaling your business is? An effective marketing funnel.
Without a quality funnel, your marketing campaigns will be hit or miss. 

We help coaches and consultants automate their marketing efforts to create a steady stream of prospects.

  • Automated marketing means more leads.
  • Easier lead follow-up means more sales.
  • Spend your time coaching and consulting, not struggling with marketing tools.
  • Create a business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

End the overwhelm. Get high-quality, ready-to-use marketing content for your business.

1. Get more clients with automated, effective marketing strategies that are customized for your unique business.

2. Implement a content strategy that helps you reach your target audience while establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

3. Streamline your client getting process with easy-to-use software and content that helps coaches just like you succeed.

4. Stop struggling with marketing and start seeing consistent results - get started today!

The Difference Between a Coach Who Makes $40k/year and One Who Makes $100+k/year is SCALABILITY!

No longer will you need to piece together multiple technology platforms to accomplish your needed marketing strategies. No longer will you need to spend hours creating content needed for your specific business. We will customize your content for your unique business. Let's implement everything your business needs to put your marketing efforts on automatic. 

We will take care of all the technical work so you can focus on what’s most important. You don't need to worry about connecting or automating anything; we got this!

The best part is, we'll build it for you with a customized look and feel just for you and write all of your copy for each page too!

You'll be able to market your business, instantly have a beautiful online presence, collect phone and email leads, send emails to your growing audience, make sales, and process payments just like you are experiencing in this funnel.

This complete, gorgeous, fully functioning funnel will be delivered to you within 14 to 21 working days when you invest today.

Coaches Marketing #1

One-time fee $1500.00 (can be divided into payments) and Pandarus Monthly $147.00

  1. 1
    CRM Pandarus comparable with Hubspot at a 1/4 of the cost
  2. 2
    Write your custom lead magnet
  3. 3
    Build your funnel pages
  4. 4
    Write 8 custom followup emails
  5. 5
    Setup automations for emails, text and voice mails
  6. 6
    Integrate CRM with your current website - Setup scheduling app & chat widget
  7. 7
    Use Lead Connect app to manage leads & conversations on the go

Coaches Marketing #2

Same One-time fee for Marketing #1 plus monthly $797.00

  • Receive everything above plus...
  • Weekly emails to engage your email subscribers
  • One blog post per week
  • Done-for-You Daily Social Media Posts

If you’re ready to create or improve your marketing funnel to effectively scale your business, schedule a consultation to request a personalized strategic plan.

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