Celebrating Your Successes

How many times has something really cool happened to you in your business and you may have told one or two people and then went on about your day as usual?  It is important as solopreneurs that we learn how to celebrate our successes and give them more meaning than the few seconds we normally do.

As a solopreneur maintaining our enthusiasm to continue to push forward and keep growing can be a challenge without some kind of acknowledgment that we are doing well.  The key to achieving success is maintaining our enthusiasm despite the challenges of the journey.  We can help ourselves maintain our enthusiasm by not diminishing our wins along the way.

A great way to acknowledge your successes is to keep a small notebook where you record your successes every day, regardless how small they are.  What a great resource to reach back to when you are feeling a little deflated, it will help you remember how hard you are working and how close you are to your goals.  This notebook is also a place to record all of your personal strengths, again it helps to acknoweldge just how special you really are.

Celebrate your successes and your positive qualities. As you recognize your successes, you increase your motivation to take the next step of your journey continuing to work towards your goals. So take a moment and acknowledge every single effort that you put into your goals. You’ll love yourself for it!

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I agree that calling someone and celebrating is a great thing to do. It causes us to be connected to the other person, check to see if it really is something to celebrate about, checks to see if you can trust the other person with your praises, and if the other person is down and they really care about you lifts them up a bit too. Certainly sharing a win is a win-win.

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