When it comes to writing headlines for a blog there are many reasons why this is so important. Keep in mind that your blog is just like an online newspaper. You must catch the reader’s attention and get them to read what it is that you are posting.
Just as a newspaper uses a headline to catch the reader’s attention, your blog must do the same thing. If the headline catches your readers’ attention they will become compelled to read the article and tell other people about it. Think about the headlines used on magazines at the grocery store check out–are you ever compelled to pick it up and start reading? You want to compel your readers to do the same.
A resource I have learned a lot from is How to Write Magnetic Headlines (although I don’t always practice what I’ve learned) from Brian Clark at Copyblogger.
There are many ways to create an outstanding headline. Here are some simple tips. Using buzzwords such as how to, discover, the secret of and many more can help to catch the reader and put them on the edge of their seat as they read your latest post. Something like: The secret of making better tasting pancakes is in the griddle.
Another way to do this is to create a question that resonates with the reader. For example: Would you like to discover the secret to quick weight loss?
Writing headlines that the reader can relate to is a great way to stop them in their tracks and make them entertain the idea of reading the rest of the blog post.
If you can write the headline using a feature or benefit that is of interest to your reader, this is another way to guarantee that they will have enough interest to continue reading your post. For example, when you ask the reader a question in the headline such as: Who else wants to know the secret of losing 25 pounds safely in one week? They will be more inclined to read what the offer has to say because they feel it has a direct benefit to them.
Obviously in this example they can gain the secret of losing weight. There also other benefits in that headline of interest to the reader such as the amount of time and that the weight loss is done safely. Features and benefits can help sell your reader on reading your post.
Bottom line is the headline is the most important piece of your blog. If it does not entice readers it really doesn’t matter what you have written. I am always attempting to improve my skill of writing headlines.  Even though I could probably outsource the task I figure the skill will serve me well.

About the Author: Donna Amos

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