There are many types of content marketing, but knowing which type to use for your business is a key part of a successful strategy.

Today, content marketing is one of the essential forms of digital marketing. Businesses are using different types of content marketing to reach and convert prospective clients. Unfortunately, not all businesses know how to use content marketing to their advantage.

It can increase your sales, save you some money, generate profits, and create customer loyalty to your brand when done well. Effective content marketing is the difference between abandoned shopping baskets and customers who take action. It’s your responsibility to convince prospective clients why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

So how can you effectively use content marketing to help you improve your business? You can do this by using the below four types of content marketing:

Using Attraction Content

There is no point in creating a content marketing strategy if no one will see your posts. Attraction content attracts customers to your site and provides you a solid foundation for your marketing strategy. Attraction content includes blog posts and articles that customers are supposed to read and share.

This sharing attracts a lot of traffic to your website. The main idea here is to provide your readers with valuable information for free, something you know they are desperately looking for. The articles could also be educating them about your product and services.

When they read these articles, the primary goal is to ensure that even more people will see them. For instance, a good attraction content post could have a heading such as “4 content marketing trends for 2022 that will shock you” or “5 reasons why your dog isn’t getting better.”

You have probably seen blog posts online with such catchy headings. Such articles are quite popular because attraction content works for many businesses.

Imagine that you’re new to an industry and looking for information about the specific industry. You will likely click on articles with such headings because they will capture your attention. Attraction content is essential to businesses because it captures a reader’s attention, hooks them, and keeps them reading to the last sentence.

After concluding the article, the writer will encourage the visitor to take action. The call to action on these articles should encourage the visitors to check out other posts on your site for more information or download some articles and other resources.

Action Content

Like all other types of blog content, action content’s name tells you all you need to know about it. Action content is created to turn interested visitors into customers. The main objective is to persuade and ensure that the reader takes action on your website.

To be successful with action content, you should write your articles with a specific objective in mind. For example:

  • Do you want to generate enthusiasm among your reader and sign some people up for an upcoming webinar or meeting?
  • Would you like visitors to go to a landing page with your current products and services?
  • Are you looking to turn your visitors into buyers through your articles?
  • Do you want them to sign up for a mailing list or answer a survey?
  • Would you like them to download a gated resource on your site by providing you with their contact information?

Action content can be challenging to nail if you don’t have a solid strategy. Ensure you take advantage of the current content marketing trends and make a compelling case to force the client to take action.

Affinity Content

While other types of content marketing are essential, affinity content may be one of the most important on this list. That’s because it goes even further to inspire the target audience to like and prefer your brand over your competitors. The primary objective here is to connect with your readers’ emotions and show them that you understand them or you’re in some way more like them.

When a brand uses affinity content, they position themselves in their reader’s minds as the only brand the customer believes in and trusts. The readers also feel like you’re more like them, share their values, beliefs, and worldview. You become a brand that customers not only have to buy from but enjoy doing business with.

In most cases, business owners have difficulty differentiating between affinity and authority content. However, what differentiates you from your competitors is the emotional connection you forge with your customers. Through emotional resonance, you can let your readers know what you care about, what you’re proud of, and how these values connect you to them.

Authority Content

This is one of the essential content marketing strategies. Authority content is supposed to go beyond simple attraction. That’s because it can position your brand as an authority in specific topics, getting customers to trust you.

However, you can’t tell your clients that you are an authority in the industry; you need to establish your authority through your content. This requires you to be subtle and resist the temptation to overuse marketing terminology. All you need to do is post content that’s so credible and informative that you don’t need to tell anyone you’re an authority.

Let your articles and blog posts speak for themselves. The good news is that authority content takes numerous forms. For example, you can use list content or even answer faqs.

You can show your authority by offering readers valuable information written in an easily understood language. You should also ensure you write in an appropriate tone for your target audience and the topic you’re tackling. This type of content establishes your website as an authority improving your Google ranking.

Now You Know the Different Types of Content Marketing

Typically, there are four different types of content marketing to use when creating your strategy. These include attraction to help readers easily find you, authority content to earn clients’ trust, affinity to help readers relate to your brand, and action content.

Are you wondering which type of content marketing is best for your business? Contact us today, and we will help you create a content marketing strategy based on the right type of content for your brand.

About the Author: Donna Amos

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