If you run a blog, an online shop, or a website, then you know that it’s important to keep your readers engaged with top quality and relevant content. It also helps if you have fast loading pages, as research has shown that people will visit a website less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds.
This is especially true for people who use their mobile phones to surf the web. The New York Times reports that back in 2012, it took nine seconds for a web page to load on a mobile phone. But today, with the help of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), loading time is much shorter. With AMP-friendly WordPress themes, a solopreneur can create light web pages to cut down on loading times.

Enhanced SEO with AMP 

Apart from lightning-fast loading times, sites developed using the AMP themes will be cached directly by Google for free. Moreover, your AMP-enabled site gets a boost in Google’s mobile results, and the project itself has the support of several top companies such as WordPress, Pinterest, and Twitter.
If you’re looking to gain more readers, followers, and customers, creating pages using WordPress AMP themes would be a great move to make. Though the themes aren’t free, it’s a small investment to make in exchange for a loading time that’s four times faster than competitor websites without AMP design.

Best AMP Themes for WordPress

The first thing that you need to do is to pick an AMP-friendly WordPress theme. It’s also important to consider the AMP-friendly nature of your website before choosing a theme as AMP pages should follow specific styling and layout rules in accordance with the project’s guidelines. Here are the best AMP-friendly WordPress themes.


If you’re a blogger, a designer, or if you run an online shop, Chap may be the best WordPress theme for you. This theme gives you unlimited styling options as well as an easy wizard to help you set up your website in minutes. It is fully AMP-ready and comes with a variety of menu options. This theme is built with a Semantic UI CSS framework that allows your pages to render properly on different screens. Chap comes with a gallery, landing pages, blog, image lightbox, and a mega menu, and moreover, it’s so easy to use, making the $60 investment well worth it.


If you need an AMP-friendly WordPress theme for your restaurant’s website, or if you’re simply on a budget, then Tasty is the inexpensive and simple platform that you’re looking for. This theme, which is just under $15, has a clean template and makes excellent use of mood photography and typography. Tasty contains the most popular font icons, and it even works offline on your visitors’ second visit.


For the frugal solopreneur who wants to set up and maintain an AMP-enabled website without the fuss, there’s Teem, another AMP-friendly theme from the makers of Tasty. For $14, it contains everything that a blogger needs, including a blog listing, blog detail, carousel, video, Twitter posts, and a comment template form. Just like Tasty, it Teem has 634 icons and can work offline on visitors’ second visit.


If you’re running a startup e-news website, check out MobNews. As it also comes from the team that built Tasty and Teem, it’s no surprise that MobNews is easy to use and is loaded with useful features. It has a simple design with a natural blue color scheme, and it also has a scrolling list of news updates and a drop-down menu. It’s around the same price as Teem, and you get full-time author support from the theme creators.


If you’re running an online magazine, a news site, or a personal blog and needs plenty of customization options, layouts, and headers, then Publisher is the AMP-friendly WordPress theme for you. For about $40, it contains 12 original templates and you can change any section of your site without changing the codes. It also comes with a translation panel to translate it in your language and is advanced SEO optimized.
Don’t let the slow loading of your web page drive away your readers and potential customers. Choose the best AMP-friendly WordPress theme for your blog, e-news page, or business, and watch your brand grow.

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