View of Selling

Did you know your internal beliefs about sales will either propel you to success or stop you dead in your tracks? What is your view of selling?
Each of us has our own area of possible. Moreover, our lives are lived consistent with it.
Your area of possible is so powerful that it controls all of your actions, feelings, behavior and abilities.
The goals you reach will always be consistent with your self-imposed belief boundaries.
Example: If you believe that sales people are sleazy, and you don’t want people to see you that way, then you will unconsciously prevent yourself from being good at sales.
As a business owner, self-imposed limitations, I hate sales; will prevent you from reaching the level of success you deserve.
So how do you know if your view of selling is stopping you? Ask yourself these questions.
1. Who am I?
2. What level of success is possible for me to achieve?
3. What level of success do I deserve to enjoy?
4. What level of people can I sell to?
5. What level of income is it possible for me to achieve?
6. What level of income isn’t possible for me to achieve?
7. What lifestyle is possible for me to enjoy?
8. What things are important for me to enjoy?
9. What is the line that divides what I think I’m capable of achieving and what I think I’m not capable of enjoying? Why has this line been invisibly drawn?
10. What would I like to gain or possess, but don’t believe I’ll ever have?
Spend time thinking of these questions for a few days, and you will slowly begin to understand your own mental area of possible—the deep, unconscious beliefs that drive or inhibit your success.
Once you have identified your view of selling, it is possible to change those beliefs if you choose to. That is the question to ask, do I want to be good at sales?
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About the Author: Donna Amos

I believe you can achieve anything you truly want to achieve. “It might sound trite, but time and time again, I’ve seen it happen with my clients. They overcome the fear of exposing themselves to the possibility of failure to creating profitable exciting businesses. My clients do great work, and sometimes it only takes someone else believing in them to give them the confidence to step out and take the chance.”