How Solo Entrepreneurs Can Get More Out of Their Facebook Pages

Solopreneurs Increase Engagement on FacebookMost solo entrepreneurs are aware that their brand or company should have a presence on Facebook. The social networking site is used by millions of people around the world, and having a Facebook page is one of the best ways for companies to both increase a business’ ranking in search engine results pages and make it easy for potential clients to find them. However, there are a number ways that Solopreneurs increase engagement on Facebook that may not necessarily be obvious.

Timing is Everything

The majority of companies tend to post on their Facebook pages during normal business hours. This does make sense as this is when most people who are tasked with taking care of a business’ Facebook page are in the office. In addition, the most common time for companies to add posts to their Facebook page is around lunch time. However, people should keep in mind that this is also the same time that most of users who they could potentially reach on Facebook are also at work, and people are generally too busy to check social media sites during the day.
In order for Solopreneurs to get an edge on the competition and receive more attention from Facebook users, they should post on the site during the evening. This is when most people have time to spend on social media sites, and posting in the evening will help get to the top of users’ newsfeeds. With this, people are more likely to leave comments and like or share the posts that solo entrepreneurs add to their company’s Facebook page.
[tweet_box]Facebook engagement increases at 9 pm and posts between 12 am – 1 am are the most effective. When are you posting? #Solopreneurs #Facebook[/tweet_box]

The Day of the Week Matters

Studies have also found that most businesses post on their Facebook page during the week. Much like the timing of business Facebook posts, this is logical as these are the days when people are usually at work. However, this is generally not the best strategy when solo entrepreneurs are planning out the days of the week that they should add posts to their Facebook page.
Facebook sees the highest levels of user activity during the weekend with Sunday being the most popular time for people to be on the site. Solo entrepreneurs can use this to their advantage by posting to their Facebook page over the weekends when more people are using social media and are more apt to leave comments or like things. In fact, this is one situation where Solopreneurs have an advantage over other companies as they are often able to make their own schedule and can set aside time on the weekends to interact with their Facebook following.
[tweet_box]Facebook posts on Sundays can increase your engagement over any other day. #Solopreneurs #Facebook[/tweet_box]
Statistics were summarized from a Complete Guide to when to post on social media from Trackmaven.

Get Your Content Seen in your Followers Newsfeed

One more item that Solopreneurs need to understand is how Facebook determines what will be seen in the newsfeed. Listen to Facebook’s reasoning in the video below and then check your insights for several weeks to determine patterns and engagement based on what you are posting.

The Bottom Line
In order for Solopreneurs to increase engagement on Facebook, they need to think strategically. They should plan out posts and have them written in advance. This will allow them to post on Facebook at optimal times when people are most likely to engage. In addition, they can utilize cloud-based solutions that will automatically post things on their business Facebook page at specific times in the future. When Solopreneurs use this technology, all they have to do is set everything up in advance and be ready to interact with potential clients when their posts go live.

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