Should Your Business Be on YouTube?

Here are some statistics to help you answer that question.

  • You Tube has 2 billion videos watched per day, 100 million of them are mobile views.
  • 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute.
  • Every week 2 billion views are monetized by You Tube.
  • When a search is done on Google that traffic is being driven to video on You Tube.

Based on those numbers you would be crazy not to be on You Tube.
I recently took a brand new landing page with a new url and in less than 30 days using 12 two minute videos that site was appearing on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for the keyword I wanted it to rank for.  Proof that video is a powerful marketing tool.   I did use additional video sites to distribute those 12 videos, but once you have created the content, distribution is easy.
This strategy works extremely well whether you are selling anything online or not.  The landing page I just mentioned was created to build a database and drive traffic to a storefront.  This video shares some additional reasons you should have your business on You Tube.

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Nicole Fende

Now that is a powerful testimonial. Donna would you mind sharing the other sites you believe are worth posting video content on? I confess I have not been crazy about YouTube, but the numbers here tell me I need to make a change. Thanks for the wake up call.

Donna Amos

Here are a few I would recommend. Hope this is helpful.
4. (requires paid account)
10. Myspace Videos
13. (commercial videos need paid account)
14. Vimeo (strictly no ads)

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