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Ask yourself, “If every major obstacle in my business suddenly vanished — right now, today — what would my life be like in a month? In two months? On New Year’s Day, 2010?
“How many new customers would I have? How many more sales would I be making every day? How much more could I pay myself?
“How much more fun would it be to go to work each morning and preside over a company that is bursting at the seams … that’s living up to its potential … and that is making me richer than I ever thought possible?
“What would I do … what would I buy … where would I go to celebrate my success? What would my new home look like? What car would I be driving? What would my next family vacation be like? How would it feel to see so much money piling up in my shopping cart every day, I’d never have to worry about money ever again?”
Because when you think about it, removing obstacles isn’t just about eliminating the frustrating problems you wrestle with every day. It’s not just about spending less time at work and more time with your family.
It’s about breaking through to the next level … making your mark on your entire industry … and guaranteeing yourself and your family all the riches that flow from that kind of success.
Once I help my clients identify and eliminate the constraints obstacles that are blocking their success, their business is instantly transformed and their life permanently altered for the better.
Then we tackle their sales process and marketing strategies. Helping them to implement consistent marketing strategies that provide a constant flow of prospects to their pipeline. And creating their own personal sales process that allows them to close more and more of those prospects with much less effort and in a very non-threatening manner. I typically hear a huge PHEW sigh of relief when they learn that sales does not have to be pushy or scary.
I want to help you achieve all that you want and deserve for your business and life. You must be committed to take the action and follow my simple step by step system to grow your business.
So, to help you connect with the radical ways your life will change once we identify and eliminate the obstacles in your business, we’re going to have a contest.
Click in the center of video to play….
[display_podcast] And to really get your juices flowing, the winner’s going to get:
A full ride scholarship to my upcoming coaching program – where we’ll work together three times a month for 75-90 mins for 12 months. Together we’ll obliterate one business debilitating obstacle after another. The result will be a relaxed business owner who has systems in place, taking time off when they wish, and knowing exactly what to do to create the income they desire.

1. Read my report 7 Mistakes Solopreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them

2. Leave Your Comment Below and Answer These Three Questions

1. What is your biggest obstacle in your business?

2. Have you made or are you making any of the 7 Mistakes?

3. What is your biggest Marketing Challenge?

I’ll even give you some clues to what the winning posts will contain. First, they probably won’t contain sob stories. I don’t want to be mean, but frankly, my coaching programs are not about obsessing over your challenges and obstacles to success. It’s about exploding through them with a “Nothing-can-stand-in my way” attitude and the tools that make your success inevitable.
Instead, the winning entries will demonstrate – as specifically as possible – What your single greatest obstacle is right now… What would your life be like without these constraints … The benefits you will enjoy when these constraints are removed.
The person who understands the most how important removing their obstacles and creating consistent marketing systems, and how miraculous it will be when the obstacles are removed making their marketing effortless, will be the winner. Here is the good news even if you don’t win the scholarship just for posting here you will be entitled to a discount to the group that will begin Tuesday, May 5th at 2:30 pm est. The group will meet the first three Tuesdays of each month.
Then we will turn that into phenomenal business growth in the year ahead.
On Thursday, April 30th at 10PM EST – I’ll announce winner right here on this page. Make sure you use your right email address so we can get in touch with you.

So what are you waiting for?

Give me your answers now!

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Michael “The Copy Polisher” Millman

What a terrific idea, and wonderful challenge you’ve posed for your
readers. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the thinking
caps that are going to be put on to present good answers to win
your valuable package.
Knowing what I do of you thus far, whoever steps up strong and
takes the prize will be well rewarded for their efforts.
To you, the intrepid visitor reading these words, contemplating
your answers and your next move. I wish you success in your
To the victor goes her toils, so think well and write even better.
I know Donna will work hard to do her part to get you on track
to your desired outcome.
Are you ready to do yours?
Carpe diem!


What a great idea! This couldn’t come at a better time, either. I have worked nonstop for the past 2 years to create my business, my product and to do all the things you mention in your report. Unfortunately, the weak spot in my foundation (and it’s the big one) is Number 7, having the support network in place.
I have been so close to my “new baby” I haven’t been able to maintain my objectivity and setbacks, which I know are a part of normal business as a third generation entrepreneur, sometimes completely throw me. This is not good.
So far, my biggest marketing challenge, in fact my biggest business challenge, is capitalization. I’ve become stunningly adept at finding free resources that accomplish what I need, but where I save dollars, I lose hours and days of time that I want to be using in presenting my product, changing lives and living my own.
I do hope I will be seen as a serious contender. With the help of a mentor who has done the hard work already, I know I would be absolutely unstoppable – I’m good now but watch out! Time to step it up.
Thank you for offering this opportunity.


I was up last night reading emails, then yours came. I went to bed and for the next two hours thought about what I would write and what I could possibly say that would let you know how much I would love this opportunity. My thoughts went like an emotional rollercoaster. Should I write and expose myself as the frustrated failure that I feel at the moment and continue to do what I have always done (for the last two years)? Then I thought if I don’t write then I will miss the “chance” altogether.
My biggest obstacle is twofold. The first is financial and second, due to the lack of finances, I am unable to take advantage of what others have paid someone to do for them. The learning curve has been huge and very time consuming.
Of the mistakes, well, oh my gosh let me count the ways, LOL. My passion has never left and is just as strong as ever. And with my passion comes decisions, believing in myself and to keep working on my business no matter what. Some days better than others. All in all I have stick-to-it-ness. I have business experience in employment as well as being successful at self employment some years past. But as well you know, business today is very different. I am lost in this new business climate, I’m sorry to say. I have a target market but during the past two years I started out with one, then changed, then went back to the first one. I guess you could say that I have two niches that I am passionate about at the moment. The biggest mistake is that I lack in support, but certainly not for lack in effort for finding the support. Although I have a loving husband and many friends they just don’t understand business today and it’s workings. So I struggle alone knowing that there must be an easier way to do what I love.
My biggest marketing challenge is the fact that I know what needs to be done and have the motivation to do it, but I don’t have a clue how to make it happen.
So Donna, I guess the bottom line is I would consider this scholarship a blessing and would give it my upmost attention if you would give me this gift.

Njideka N. Olatunde

Greetings Donna,
Thank you for the opportunity you have extended to us in your willingness to share your knowledge, expertise and experiences with us so we can become successful in our business endeavors. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I have had to really look at my business’s growth and development as I answered your questions. It was a real eye opener.
1.What is your biggest obstacle in your business?
Sharing my idea in a marketable way to attract loyal clients.
I created my soloepreneur business for the purpose of introducing services, information and support in using alternative/complementary healthcare approaches for optimum health and wellness. It has been my passion,drive and motivating action for over 24+ years. The fruits of my labor have been very rewarding for me personally, as a business that’s another story many ups and downs which have been my Introduction to Business 101 through the school of hard knocks and on the job training. When my business idea is restructured in a marketable way my life will be the fulfillment of my heart’s desire to have an abundant cashflow so I can become a philanthropist giving to causes I want to support, traveling the world, enrolling in workshops and seminars that enhance my knowledge, hiring the best mentors and coaches to be my business adviser; purchase all the material things I want; establish my business accomplishments as a lasting legacy of my work and contribution to humanity.
2. Have you made or are you making any of the 7 Mistakes ?
As I read How to avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes, I can confess to the following mistakes I have made: Lack of Business Expertise: I have not learned how to separate my business idea from does my client need or want it. I missed the boat in applying some these basic business skills. Poor Research and Planning: I have not done a market research to determine if there is a demand for my business idea. It sounds good to me but do I have a market that it sounds good to. I never thought about doing research, this is a concept I can see as being a valuable tool in business growth and planning. Developing A Business Plan. This is something that I avoided like a plaque. I now see the importance of a business plan so it is removed from your head and put on paper to make it real. A business plan is the foundation of the business because it is your road map. Defining A Target Market: Not connecting your business expertise with research makes it very difficult to find and present your service or product to the target market you are seeking? This piece of the business puzzle has always been a stumbling block for me. Lack Of Support Structure: It has not been that I have not tried to have a support system in place. I have not made the right choices needed to produce the right results. In answering this question I see I still have a lot to learn to become a successful solopreneur.
3. What is your biggest Marketing Challenge?
Effectively using online marketing tools to produce desired results. I have been working at a business rather than being in business. I have a business idea that I am very passionate about. Once I learn how to correct the common mistakes a solopreneur makes, my greatest challenge is catching up with technology which is the bases of all business operations. I sometimes feel overwhelmed in what do I need to do; where should I begin; what tools, resources or products do I immediately need to market my business in a technological world. When I can put this piece of the puzzle in place I will spread my wings and let the world know I am a successful solopreneur open and ready to do business.
In conclusion it is often said that when a student is ready the teacher will appear. I am the student ready and eager to learn from the teacher.
Warmest Regards,
Njideka N. Olatunde


I am in awe at all the fabulous business owners who are working hard to create successful businesses for themselves and their families. You are making it a very difficult decision. Don’t forget to check back on Thursday evening.

Darien Tropf

Greetings Donna,
1. What is my biggest obstacle in my business?
I have lost my passion for my work. I want out and I don’t know how to do so. I believe it is time to change my focus in life and build new things. I have built a successful business that can be a big asset toward funding my new path, yet I have no clue how to go about selling it.
2. Have I made or am I making any of the 7 Mistakes?
Certainly. In the past I have been guilty of nearly non-existent research and planning. Charging ahead with ideas to generate income that sound fun, are fun, but don’t do much in the way of generating ENOUGH income. Right now, it is the lack of planning in my current business with regards to an exit strategy that has become my albatross.
It is only dumb luck that my business has grown in spite of my lack of marketing plans and actions. My services have generated sufficient word of mouth buzz, my clients getting me on Angie’s List where my referral rates outpace my availability, and the local hardware store handing out my business cards to customers who ask for reliable services providers have given me more work than I can handle – all without necessarily defining my niche market or having a marketing plan.
3. My biggest Marketing Challenge?
My biggest Marketing Challenge is getting my new venture off on the right foot. To overcome my avoidance for planning and my lack of knowledge and confidence in researching markets and creating plans. I feel that if I can learn how to do the research and use the technological tools available these days to accomplish that, I will have a whole new set of tools in the toolbox to use on whatever venture I find is viable, whether it be the one I’m currently looking at starting up, or some other idea. I’ve learned a lot with both my many failed business startups and my current successful business. Luck should no longer be the deciding factor for success – knowledge and applied skills should be.
Anyone can fail at a business. It’s easy. Anyone can startup one or two or three businesses and fail before giving up. It took me nearly a dozen tries over 30 years to finally get my first successful business. I have perseverance. I take action. I understand the need to solve the clients’ problems first and foremost. It’s what has given me an unbelievable retention rate on my current clients.
In the past, I have overcome some obstacles by stubbornly refusing to let them stop me. It wasn’t elegant, it wasn’t fun, but it did the job in certain circumstances. I would much rather ‘learn’ the obstacles out of existence than fight them. I almost think of it as a Zen business approach – instead of bending the obstacle (spoon), know there is no obstacle (spoon).
I feel I have more to give than I currently have time and energy. My current business is sucking the life out of me and new adventures are calling. By learning how to plan, research, and use processes and technology to overcome my current obstacles, I hope to discover how to pass my successful business on to someone who will take it and thrive and be excited about how it helps them and others. I hope to use the income generated by the sale of my current business to finance future ventures and new avenues for helping not just individuals but entire communities. And in learning, using, and making these tools my own, I know I will be able to apply them to future obstacles that may pop up, so that I may easily resolve future obstacles as well.
Whether I am chosen for this scholarship or not, I know I will continue to pursue my goals for an enriched and lower stress life and business. It may take a little longer and a little more work, but I will see you when I get there. 🙂
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Michele Price

These guys have no idea what a treat they are in for if they are chosen. You are thorough, efficient and motivating. The best coach I have ever worked work with.
You are tough when you need to be and understanding as you are helping others to explore past their boundaries.
Much Success for 2009 for everyone!
Here’s to Your Breakthroughs


Dear Donna
I just saw Michele’s tweet and although it was fairly late here in the UK I had to come visit your site to discover more …
What a marvelous opportunity … and one I would seize with 110% commitment. My passion is health; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, as I’m such an enthusiastic supporter of Integrated Health. And these are such exciting times as western medicine is starting to integrate with the mind/body therapies and how simultaneously there is scientific evidence proving that our learned behaviors effect us at a cellular level. I love it and as a Hypnotherapist / EFT / NLP and Psych-K Practitioner I love sharing such rapid change techniques with clients … What a difference they and I have experienced over the years, especially in relation to our quality of life.
I am moving into a new role as Business Coach for Therapists and Coaches because I have a strong network of regular offline practice and online contacts and love sharing information. This role has come about partly through my getting involved in online marketing (for around the last 9-mths). I want to support others and share the information to work ON their business as well as IN it. Therapists/coaches often work in isolation and so immersed that they’re not making the time to consider longer term goals, expansion, broadening their range or exit strategies. And invariably they are not realizing the potential for online marketing, residual income and the great openings for their business and themselves as their own market expert with Web 2.0 marketing.
What is your biggest obstacle in your business?
Do I sound like I have it all sewn up … well my biggest obstacle is keeping all the plates spinning, with 3-sites feeding into Business Coach, Health Coach and related Affiliate Products – all newish sites. Lots of learning and loving that too … not enough hours in the day … and wanting to practice what I preach … still learning but also wanting to share the information – so there’s the wonderful challenge of finding suitable people to joint venture with as my yet to be found Therapist clients get onboard … I’m currently engaged in building a database of prospective clients to target (offline) and have done some market research with colleagues / (non-friend) therapists (as wanted more impartial feedback) and so far it looks promising … From what I’ve gleaned online I think there’s a strong potential market (in every which way).
Have you made or are you making any of the 7 Mistakes?
Marrying Marketing Plan to Business Plan … I tend to work intuitively and that can lead me away from specific focus … because I have a good eye for written, layout, color, image, detail and most importantly for people and love to support those who’ve ‘got it’. I can get side-tracked from the business of business and subsequently that has thrown light on my own lack of business experience as I’m just under 18-mths down the road of being self-employed as previously worked while training and then fitted therapy clients around that – not necessarily ideal. When the opportunity arose to step out on my own I took it … armed with savings and very little in the way of business experience per-say … And this may seem contradictory that I want to business coach others, and for a while my confidence wavered, but I know I’ll be good at it … and over the last month have been really stepping into feeling the role.
What is your biggest Marketing Challenge?
A challenge I have, and as a coach its a bit of a confession, I have a public speaking phobia that needs working on … yet would like to step into the whole platform of Social Marketing online as a strand of my future business. Until quite recently I had confidence issues and now I am just feeling so strong and ready to go for everything … and deal with any and all obstacles … How has that affected my marketing abilities, well even Health Coaching I found it quite challenging to self promote.
I want to learn how to break into workable segments (all that I want to achieve) by learning how to prioritize everything and for this I need guidance … I have some great ideas when they occur, but I’m realizing the importance of not running off at every tangent … Instead I need systems and a how-to (for myself foremost) of an achievable journey and beyond … in order to become an authoritative and authentic business coach working from a place of integrity …
I hope this has made sense and I hope you chooooose me … sorry but I do … 🙂 … I’m so feeling ready to step up to the plate … good times!
Warm wishes


Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!


Thanks Kris, look forward to your comments.


Some of us even don’t realize the importance of this information. What a pity.

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