naming your businessAs a solopreneur deciding on your businesses name can be exhausting.  When I began my coaching practice in 2000 I used the url life but really used my name Donna Amos.  Then I switched to Infinite Possibilities Coaching which I used again in combination with my name, I think this was because I was uncertain if I wanted to be the brand or I wanted it to be something different. (Then another coach a few years ago began using the same name, I could go after her, but not worth the energy.) As my business evolved and I added a full service online marketing agency that was focused on helping solopreneurs, Solopreneur Solutions because the face of the business because I felt that the coaching practice and the agency could all fit under that umbrella, today I am still happy with that decision, but it took several years to get there.
This week I met with a new client that is in the process of naming his business and it triggered me to think about my process. After a little research I discovered five blog posts that I believe are helpful in working through the process of naming your business.
This first one is as entertaining as it is helpful.
Naming your business can be an incredibly daunting task. You want something unique, but not difficult to remember. You want something that stands out, and something that’s easy to spell. More than that, you want something;…
The Do’s and Dont’s of Naming Your Business as Illustrated by Cats

Christine Kane has a 3 step formula for naming your business…Step 2. Get your business PHILOSOPHY – Here’s an assignment.

Take your whole reason for having a business, for doing what you do and how you do it – and break it down into five core business philosophies.  Basically the WHY of what you do.  These don’t have to be perfect. Don’t go for poetry. And don’t try to make a sign that you will someday post in the bathroom stalls at your corporate headquarters.

Alex Honeysett recently shared her 6 Steps to Naming your Company. 1. Set the Tone

As Lexicon, the leading naming agency, says: “A brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation.” So think about how you want people to feel when they see your brand. Curious? Comforted? Inspired? Write down all of the words and phrases that you want associated with what you do. These will likely not end up being your brand’s name, but they will provide you with some initial parameters to work within. For example, if you’re opening an exercise studio and want people to feel energized, you won’t be naming it “Dad’s Downtime.”
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Finally, Get tips for choosing the right name for your business’s success both now and in the future with author Christopher Matthew Spencer.
I agree with Matthew’s point about cost…Here’s the dilemma for small business owners: hiring a pricey business-naming firm or branding company isn’t realistic. We have to figure out the perfect name for our company without the help of a big-budget advertising agency.

My Favorite Post for Naming Your Business

But my favorite was by Alexandra Franzen in her post The Ultimate Guide to Naming that Thing. Where she offers her 10-question process for generating names for all kinds of projects, products, books, systems and services.
If you are going through this experience or you have been share in the comments what you discovered during your process of naming your business.

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I believe you can achieve anything you truly want to achieve. “It might sound trite, but time and time again, I’ve seen it happen with my clients. They overcome the fear of exposing themselves to the possibility of failure to creating profitable exciting businesses. My clients do great work, and sometimes it only takes someone else believing in them to give them the confidence to step out and take the chance.”