More on the Importance of Authorship


The Importance of Content Authorship

It is becoming more and more obvious that authorship and original content will be important to rankings in the near future. I don’t believe this is something that any serious business owner can ignore any longer. Unless of course you enjoy being behind the eight ball.

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What Google’s authorship markup means for SEOBack in June of 2011 Google announced their support for authorship markup. The initial impact of this markup was that Google would modify…
Mark has great info in this post and a link to a previous post that shows exactly how to setup your authorship with Google.
What Is the Difference Between Google Authorship and Author Rank?If you follow my writing here, on various other blogs, and on Google+, you know that I am a big fan of Google’s Authorship project, and t…
If you haven’t done authorship on the Goog you are missing out, friends. Boosted my rankings big time. #smtulsaDanica Jones
Interesting to hear the views of the Educational community around authorship.
Kathleen Fitzpatrick: “The Future of Authorship: Writing in the Digital Age”franklincenteratduke
A @copyblogger post about Google+ authorship: <a href=”” class=””>…</a> #SMTulsaSheila Scarborough
Authorship = rankings, lack of authorship = anonymity. Eric Schmidt. #sesnyMichael Flynn
AuthorRank: Google’s rising algorithm masterplay is yours for the takingGoogle Authorship has been around for a while. It has helped many bloggers and journalists stand out by having their images appear direct…
Gplus authorship #smtulsa <a href=”” class=””></a>Roxanne R. Roark
Are you convinced yet that you should claim your authors credentials with Google? 

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