Joyful Holidays
It took me a little longer this year to fully get into the holiday spirit. I not certain why except maybe I was
Joyful Holidays
just too busy. And maybe because I did very little shopping in stores and more shopping online. Whatever the reason, today I am fully into the feeling that Christmas does for me. The sentiment, missing my parents and acknowledging that my relationship with my brother and sister are not what I had always thought it would be. The joy that I feel when I watch my grown sons embrace the holiday and show care for each other. And I still look forward to Christmas morning and the joyful feelings it brings.
I am also completely aware of the fact that many families have experienced a really tough year and the holidays sometimes makes it feel even tougher. I pray for those families to feel peace this season. To know that they are blessed and that people care for them. And I encourage anyone who needs to feel the joy this time of year should bring to reach out to someone, and that includes me, to ask for support. Sometimes a kind word or a hug is all it takes to help someone else.
My wish is that you and your family find the peace and joy of the season.
Create a Joyful Holiday!

About the Author: Donna Amos

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