If you’re searching for a way to increase leads and create better content for customers visiting your website or social media page, some recent case studies suggest that using interactive content can boost your click and read rates.
Allowing customers to interact with your business creates a personal connection that matters. There is more to your customers than just their wallets. One great way to interact with customers is by using quizzes. Data from quizzes not only benefit you as the owner or operator of a business, but allows your customers to know you are interested in their feedback and opinions.
So, you want to create a quiz but aren’t sure how? What is it that makes a quiz incredible?

Have a Clear Objective

There are plenty of resources that can help you make quizzes and other interactive content. Before you create, you need to know the objective. What is your goal for the quiz? What is it you’re trying to accomplish by using that type of interactive content? If there is no clear objective, no one will benefit from the content you have paid to produce.
Not only do you need to understand what you’re trying to achieve with a quiz, you need to ask the questions that are going to get you the information you need. When you’re creating a quiz, avoid being ambiguous or vague with the way you phrase your questions. A good example of a great quiz to engage with your audience is a personality quiz. It’s simple and fun, but ask your audience for contact information like an email address or cell phone number before it starts. Now you have a clever way to get leads without spamming or invading privacy.

Hook Your Audience with the Title

The first part of your quiz, and arguably the most important part, is what your customers and clients will see first. Creating the right kind of title is key to the success of your quiz. BuzzFeed is an excellent example of a company that creates quizzes with irresistible titles. Use language that challenges your audience or piques their curiosity. Short and to-the-point titles are best. You want the audience to know exactly what they’re getting as soon as they read the title.

Think About Design

You’ve given thought to how you are going to grab the customer’s attention as they’re scrolling their newsfeed. Now, think about the design that’s right for the type of quiz you are producing. You don’t have to do this part alone. You can use an online program like shortstack.com to design your interactive content.
Shortstack gives you the option to add images of your choice, choose how many questions you want, and how many options are available. With a template gallery, you have access to the perfect type of quiz to generate new leads for your business. Whether you’re looking for a fun personality quiz or a bit of trivia, you can find the design that’s right for what you are offering to customers and clients. Leadquizzes is another good option for quizzes that may be a little more complicated. You may want to check out Leadquizzes infographic Quiz Maker: The Marketer’s Guide to Creating Online Quizzes it may be helpful in building your first quiz.

Use Imagery

Visual imagery can help your audience move through the quiz faster and easier. Too much text may discourage your customer or client from actually completing the quiz. If they’re not completing the quiz, you’re not getting the feedback you need. Also, keeping text short and sweet helps them stay focused and allows you to get accurate data.
Using GIFs, photos, and other forms of media also offer you an opportunity to portray a positive tone and make customers more likely to share their results, thus giving you more leads.

Give Customers a Special Offer

Using quizzes is a great form of interaction with your customers – why not tack on a relevant offer for the customer or client to the end? You’ve used your title as the hook, kept their attention using short pieces of text, and created a positive tone with fun imagery. Now give them an offer they can’t resist.
Give your customers or clients a limited-time coupon, a special promo code, free consultation, or any other offer relevant to your business. Add a link, button, or Facebook page to the offer to send them straight to the hub that will give them all the information they need about what your business can offer.

Make it Shareable

After you’ve created the perfectly thought out quiz to engage with your customers or clients, make sure they can share it with their friends and family. When someone has taken the quiz you created, it’s hard to resist showing off their knowledge on a graded quiz, or when you hit the nail on the head with a personality quiz, they’re going to want to show it off. Add a share widget if you’re using your quiz on your business’ website or make sure quiz takers are able to share it through social media forms of their choice. The more shares your quiz gets, the more people you can reach with your products and services.
What success have you had using quizzes to generate leads? Would you recommend a particular type of quiz or service? Share your thoughts and experiences in our comments below.

About the Author: Donna Amos

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