If you own a website or a blog then you’re most likely using one or more SEO strategies to get your pages high in search engine results. This a sign that you know the importance of a good page rank. But as you may have noticed an SEO strategy that used to work pretty well a few years, months or even days ago may not be applicable today. Using such an “obsolete” strategy would only reverse your previous gains! This is the sort of issue that every small business owner has to deal with.
You are forced to keep up with the pace at which changes are taking place in the tech world. In the first two months of 2013 alone, Google has released more than ten updates to its algorithms. How many of us who are not so technically endowed can keep up? But like it or not these updates have a direct bearing on your pages’ rank. You have no other option but to work within the dictates offered by the updates. In terms of Google we are in an era where the rules are strictly implemented.
Google which also happens to be the search engine of choice across the world has also introduced Google Plus, which by now you should be aware of. Google Plus is being used to help push Author Rank as a way of ranking pages. What Google is simply doing is to rank the authors the same way they rank websites. Being an author, Google wants to identify you, index your content in all locations and then have a score assigned to your content.
How is this important? First and foremost people using the Internet will be able to find your content more easily. Google is leveraging on authors as an important element in ranking pages and websites. Users will be able to search for content using the author’s ID/name. If you can position yourself as an author of repute, an authority in your field, you will get to receive a handsome reward.
Your grasp of a particular topic will be tested as Google seeks to measure your expertise and authority. The two factors: expertise and authority among other factors will be used to rank you.

  • The number of followers you have.
  • The number of re-shares your content gets.
  • The number of +1′s you get. (By the way, when someone +1′s your content, it’s not just your content getting a vote — it’s you. Your reputation grows in the process.)
  • Activity. Are you posting regularly? Commenting? Resharing and plus one-ing?

Your profile on Google Plus will be used to rank you. Social interactions around your content including a count of the +1s for your content and how often the content is shared will be integral in your rank. Remember, some +1s count more than others, a +1 from a respected source is more valuable.
Sharing content will get you a higher rank than a simple +1. This is because it takes more effort from your followers to share your content. The bottom line, to build your author rank you have to be an author. You should create high quality content which is also original. To appear more knowledgeable about a particular topic you should write about it in more detail, frequently.
Next have your content posted on your blog or website, then, make certain your authorship is connected on Google Plus.
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About the Author: Donna Amos

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