One way to get a feel for what everyone’s thinking online is to look at the best social media posts in the past month or so. There’s no doubt that October and November have brought a wealth of information about the popular concept of running a business alone, and tons that is directed toward solopreneurs. Like clockwork, Starbucks brought back Pumpkin Spice, harvest time at orchards brought back apple cider and online gurus are forging ahead with the concept of embracing our pioneer spirits and keeping ourselves swinging singles — in business, anyway.
Jennifer Ramsey    Twitter @Jen_J_Ramsey
In Jennifer’s post, she asks the simple question, “What’s the most important thing you need to accomplish today?”. On first glance this may seem like an easy answer. Of course, bills need to be paid, voice mails returned, emails sifted and children picked up from daycare. It’s important, however, each day to decide what needs to be accomplished versus what is simply background noise. Do you need to reach out to an important stakeholder to get a final approval on something? Are you avoiding an uncomfortable conversation with a client that is causing you unnecessary anxiety? Perhaps with this moment of intention, you can get your bearings about you and start to prioritize the sea of to-dos in front of you.
The Secrets of Entrepreneurship  Twitter @SecretsOfEntrep
Yes, this is a retweet of an older article, but the advice is sound. One needn’t look much further than the subheadings of this article to see it contains some unique, yet sound advice for today’s go-it-alone professional. The article advocates scheduling minutia like phone calls and emails, prioritization of tasks, working around your body’s favorite times of day and being sure to make time for friends and family.
sellandsucceed Instagram @sellandsucceed
Sales coach Ben Chaib’s post of Anna Vital’s How to Learn From Mistakes shows us in a fun, easy-to-understand way where we tend to falter and how to push past our failures to become stronger in business and in life.
ThugStart  Twitter @ThugStart
ThugStart’s tweet and linked blog article ask, “Does working from a coworking space make a solopreneur more productive?” Good question. If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering if it’d be nice to have a community of people to bounce ideas around or if the idea of a community break room just sounds like a nice change of pace compared to hearing the silence of your own home office, it’s likely you’ve considered a community coworking space. Locations are often listed on Craigslist, meeting space advertisements and on local social media.
If you’ve run across one of these posts and wondered if it would impact your bottom line or improve productivity, it would seem that in many cases it will. The article goes on to mention benefits that are perhaps not immediately obvious, like freedom to work anywhere in the world in community coworking spaces, the abundant networking opportunities available when surrounded by diverse people, and the morale boost of just being in the presence of positive coworkers.
Kent Stuver  Twitter @KentStuverRE
Writer and personal finance guru Kent Stuver takes us on a quick journey to build a loyal online audience in this short and to-the-point post about social networking. He goes through the quick and dirty topics of making new social media friends, content creation, and how to write daily, engaging email content to your subscriber list.
Time Traders Club Twitter @TimeTradersClub
It’s almost a troupe that the solopreneur’s daily grind involves being taxed and overstretched. Working independently often means that it feels there’s no one to help out. Regardless of self-employment status, though, we could all stand to be reminded of this simple Seth Godin quote: “Every single task that can be done by someone other than you MUST be done by someone other than you.” Handing off stuff has to be done.
Seth is a prolific writer and public speaker, and he’s most well known for writing the entrepreneur primers The Dip, Purple Cow and most recently, All Marketers Are Liars.
Kimanzi Constable Twitter @Entrepreneur
Constable, the author of the Entrepreneur Magazine article, “The Silent Threat Every Solopreneur Must Overcome” tweeted to promote his work. It’s an absolute must-read for solopreneurs. Regardless of your scope of business, this article discusses the very real concern of everyone striking out on their own: isolation, its impact on the success small businesses, and four ways how to overcome its detrimental effects.
The Loom Creative Twitter @TheLoomCreative
Polina from The Loom Creative shares her “10 Morning Rituals for a Happy + Productive Day”. It’s packed with great tips like: refrain from using technology for an hour after waking, meditation, drawing/writing, cleaning, and exercising, all before starting your workday. She admits that not all of her tips get accomplished day in and day out, but getting through two to three is a goal she attempts to complete as part of a productive routine.
Wrap Up
There are fascinating nuggets of wisdom from the corners of the Internet that inspire us to take a look at our workload, mental space, priorities and relationships to make the lives of solopreneurs easier. Sometimes a second set of eyes on our situations can only help us see room for improvement.

About the Author: Donna Amos

I believe you can achieve anything you truly want to achieve. “It might sound trite, but time and time again, I’ve seen it happen with my clients. They overcome the fear of exposing themselves to the possibility of failure to creating profitable exciting businesses. My clients do great work, and sometimes it only takes someone else believing in them to give them the confidence to step out and take the chance.”