You could write entire books about Web Design and still only scratch the surface. But if you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to become an expert in web design, you can check out these great resources for a quick primer on some of the hottest topics.

  1.  12 of the Best ‘Contact Us’ Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Think creating a “Contact Us” page is as easy as slapping your address and a phone number on a page? Think again. Hubspot’s article shows that contact pages can be works of art in their own right.

  1. 5 Website Re-Design Tips To Avoid SEO Ranking Traps


Thinking of re-designing your website? Before you get too caught up in the visual details, you should read this article and learn why a content-first approach is better than focusing on the creative aspects.

3. Awesome Website Design Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re building a site for the first time or just looking for a way to up the quality of your existing site, don’t overlook these helpful tip. Make sure your website is as functional and effective as it can be.

4. 15 Website Accessibility Tips That Increase Everyone’s Engagement

It’s easy to focus most of your energy on making your website look attractive, but have you ever thought about making it accessible to people with disabilities? UX Mag has a great resource for how to adjust your website to make it more usable for people with blindness, colorblindness, limited mobility, and more.

5. UX Tips for Mastering Your Next Website Redesign

The visual design of a website is only one aspect to consider. UX, or user experience, is about tailoring the site to your visitors. This site has some great advice for how to maximize the UX of a website to keep people coming back and making purchases.

6. 12 Web Design Tips to Help You Achieve Success in 2016

Keeping up with trends in web design isn’t easy, but this resource will give you some advice on what is most important to consider, how you can maximize the impact your site has on visitors, and how you can bring your design into today.

7. Planning a Website Redesign? Learn From 5 Industry Giants that Got it Right

If you’re not careful in your planning, you can easily wind up creating a website that is even worse than the original. Check out one pro designer’s critiques of the before and after for five successful redesigns.

8. 7 Elements of a Website Redesign Process

Never just throw yourself into a redesign process. Once you know a website design is looming, it’s a good time to sit down, do some competitive research, and iron out exactly what you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve it.
Your website is your calling card online. It is the first place someone goes to do research on your business. Making certain it provides an excellent first impression can be critical to the success on your business.

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