As a 21st-century business owner, marketing your book cannot be done effectively without the use of online resources. The following online resources represent the best ways to accomplish the task.


Facebook, the social media site founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, has more than 1.50 billion active users. It is the most popular social media site and a place where anyone marketing a book should be sure to have a presence. One of the reasons Facebook is popular is its ease of use.
Create a Facebook page designated to your company or designated specifically to your book. However, if you’ll have more than one book you’re promoting now, or in the future, it is recommended to dedicate the page to your company where you can promote all of your books on one page.Your next step is to create content for your Facebook page. You can post written content, photos, videos, polls, and more. It’s important to post material that relates to your book or books, but it’s also good to mix your promotional content with other Facebook posts that you fill your readers will enjoy.
Your goal is to get as many “likes” for your page as possible. When a person likes your page, they become a follower, and the more followers you have, the more people you’ll potentially have that are interested in your book.
Just posting information is not enough. You’ll need to engage with your followers and respond to questions and comments. Additional ways to engage with your fans include contests, polls and other ways that initiate responses. Use a social media planning site to help you with the day-to-day posting that is required to make a page active.


Twitter, the social media site founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams has more than 300 million users. Twitter is a place where you can post content, photos, and videos. What is unique about this site is that written content cannot exceed 140 characters. Therefore, crafting the content to get as many words in as possible while conveying your message as clear as possible is important.
Twitter is an excellent way for you to reach your readers and to connect with fellow business owners. It’s important to include hashtags with your tweets to have the best opportunity of reaching readers. Hashtags are a word or words proceeded by a hash or pound sign. They make it easier for your content to be shared in real time and to be part of trending hashtags.
The words following the pound sign should relate to your content and to who you are trying to reach. They should be as targeted as possible. So if you were promoting a book on weddings in Chicago, for example, two hashtags you could use are #weddings #Chicago. Use a sight such as Hashtagify to find the most appropriate hashtags for your content.
One of the goals of Twitter is to receive retweets. A retweet is when your content is re-posted by a follower or by someone who sees your tweet.
As with Facebook, it’s not enough just to promote your own work. To be active on Twitter, you’ll need to interact with your followers and retweet and like their content as well.

Social MediaInstagram

Instagram, the photo-sharing social media site founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger and developed by Facebook has over 400 million users.
The sole focus of Instagram is photos or videos where you can also post content. However, the content that you post cannot contain links that are clickable. Clickable links are allowed at the top of your Instagram page in the introduction section.Instagram is mainly intended to showcase your life. So the focus is on a personal nature rather than a promotional nature. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t promote on Instagram. The photo-sharing site is an excellent place for sharing various visual aspects of your business, such as your book cover, inspirations for your book, photos of your fans and other things related to your business. Your goal is to gain as many followers as possible. But just like with other social media sites, you get the most out of these sites when you engage with your followers. Like and leave comments on followers photos to increase engagement on your Instagram page.


Google+ is a social media site owned by Google and launched in 2011. Currently, Google+ has over 300 million users. Google+ allows you to post written content, photos and videos that not only your followers can see but people who use Google as a search engine can see. This is significant because Google is the major search engine.
As with Twitter, hashtags are important for Google+ users. Hashtags allow followers to pull up information in real time similar to the way hashtags are used on Twitter.Knowing SEO and how to effectively incorporate keywords into your titles and content is relevant for Google+ because the information will show up in a Google search if you have written it correctly. Such information helps to bring you more potential customers.


Although social media sites are crucial when it comes to marketing and promotion, it is also important that you have a website. However, there are a couple of features that you should be sure to include with your site.
Your website should have a landing page that offers readers and potential fans a way to sign up to your newsletter. Sending newsletters to newsletter subscribers is one of the most efficient ways to market your book. When encouraging people to join your newsletter be sure you offer them something free in return, such as a free book. This will entice people to give you their email address which you will, in turn, add to your newsletter list for newsletters that you will send out on a regular basis.Your website should also feature a blog where you can talk about various aspects of your business. If you don’t want to write the content for your blog, you can hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. You should update your blog at least twice a month with new, original content.
You must include SEO or search engine optimization to get the most out of your website. SEO is the process of configuring your site with keyword phrases, original content, quality photos and videos and more to place high on search engines, such as Google. The higher you place on search engines for the keywords that relate to your business, the greater your chance of attracting customers to your business that you wish to reach.
Learning search engine optimization can get tricky. Hire an SEO specialist if you need help in this area. It’s a step that is important to make your website as popular as possible, and a professional will help you determine the correct keyword phrases and other factors needed for your site.
Marketing your book can be done effectively if you follow the right steps. The 20th-century ways of marketing, such as book tours and print paper promotions, are still done but are not as effective as what you can do online. Follow the tips in this article to reach your goals for your book.

About the Author: Donna Amos

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