Business to consumer (B2C) approach entails selling goods and services to consumers. B2C marketing strategies aim at communicating effectively and persuasively to consumers to ensure they buy a company’s products. A B 2 C marketing approach aims at:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing a business’s leads
  • Customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value increment
  • Raise brand awareness

For B 2 C businesses to be successful, they need to apply fitting marketing approaches to acquire and retain customers to maximize their profit.
Below are the top 10 most efficient marketing tactics that will make your B2C venture successful.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an essential asset in your business marketing strategy because it helps you keep in touch with your customers, supports you raise awareness about your brand, and thus increases sales and leads. Social media platforms have many users making it a perfect venue for you to reach your customers. Used efficiently, such platforms are an ideal tool when you want to improve your business’s potential, attract leads, and increase traffic to your store.
One of the most effective social media platform for your B2C marketing is Facebook because of the large number of active users on this platform at all times. You can also use Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to reach a broader audience to market your products and services. You can also consider hiring a social media manager to promote your B2C business on social media.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing lists among the top most efficient ways to gain B2C leads. For you to reach more customers, your business needs to automate email marketing using software tools. All you need to do in automated emails is select your target audience then write captivating emails selling your business aspects, goods, and services. As an entrepreneur, you can measure your success by analyzing open email rates and click through rates.
To sell more, you need to create automated personalized emails to attract your target audience to your business. You also need to set goals about how many emails you send in a day, and identify any drawbacks and learn from them. Likewise, you will need to monitor your progress to know who you have reached, who has read your message, and who has spammed your message. The use of pictures and high-quality content is instrumental to your strategy, as these tend to sell your B 2 C more.

3. Multimedia and Paid Media Advertisement

Multimedia marketing entails the use of podcasts, television, live casts, videos, file sharing, and mobile marketing. Multimedia marketing is an effective way to build your brand’s awareness. By utilizing simple advertising strategies such as apps and websites, your organization can reach its prospective customers. To make multimedia marketing successful, you need to use high-quality photographs, videos, and written content. A business can also use paid media advertisements to grow their multimedia advertising channels. The standard method of paid media advertising leverages on the use of pay-per-click links—a critical facet in search engines in combination with specific keywords. Paid media advertisements attract over 65 percent of people who see it in your business. Therefore, this is an effective marketing tactic for your business to consumer marketing goals.

4. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves the combination of email marketing, paid advertisement, and social media marketing to create an e-commerce platform, and as such, boost sales. E-commerce and internet marketing are one of the biggest global markets in the world today, valued at 23.8 trillion. To make internet marketing effective, you might need to use different marketing approaches such as social media marketing, print marketing, radio, and television marketing. Besides, you need to gather opinions and reviews of customers to feel what they like and what they don’t like. Based on these opinions and reviews, you can customize your products and services to better suit your customers.

5. Conversational Marketing

With the increased use of technology, conversational marketing has grown to be popular among B2C businesses. Conversational marketing involves use of a simple conversation with a chatbot or support staff in a company using a smart device. It allows customers to inquire about information about a company and have their questions answered outright. To ensure you market your business, you need to personalize your conversational marketing, and then, scale it to reach more customers at a time. You can also set up hotlines where customers can get urgent requests addressed in a short time. Messaging, by far, is the most effective conversational marketing technique used and preferred by consumers.

 6. Core Branding

Core branding is an effective marketing approach where two brands co-join and produce a single product that they market together. Businesses do core branding to boost the perception of a product’s superiority, and thus, entice consumers to pay more for it at retail. Besides, it prevents private manufacturers from copying other manufacturers’ products or services. Core branding is famous among luxury brands, and it makes customers feel good about a product/merchandise, or service and purchase it more. It also increases a customer’s trust and loyalty towards a brand, thereby increasing sales and profits.

 7. Storytelling

Brands use storytelling to communicate to their customers at an emotional level—by utilizing a familiar, informative, and engaging format. Storytelling does not necessarily have to use facts. Still, it could use a tale describing your company, which services and products you offer, what you value, and how you transform your industry and society to be better. The use of positive emotions in storytelling attracts more customers and builds a reputation among the general public.

 8. Direct Selling

Direct selling entails marketing and selling a product directly to your customers in a face to face setting. The mode involves using sales and marketing agents who create an in-person relationship with customers. They then demonstrate and sell their products, or else services in a retail setting. Direct selling is valued at 63 billion dollars and is an excellent way to sell consumable goods and medical products and services.

 9. Point of Purchase Advertisement

The point of purchase advertisement is an effective marketing strategy aimed at enticing and captivating customers who are buying a product or service. This marketing strategy involves giving coupons and additional products or benefits to those already buying a product or service. The point of purchase advertisement creates a rapport between a business and its customers, which quickly turns into word of mouth, promoting a brand’s awareness. Besides, purchase advertisements increase impulse buying rates among people who visit your store or platform.

10. Public Relations

Public relations involve the use of publicity to gain trust among people and is commonly known as earned media. It takes a lot of effort, and unlike other marketing tactics, public relations cannot be bought. In this method, you need to earn trust by providing quality products and services using word of mouth, interviews, and testimonials. You speak your brand out to the world, and thereby earn the trust in the process.

Final Verdict

To be a successful business to consumer brand, you have to put a lot of effort and resources into your marketing plan. To garner more profits, you will have to use two or more marketing approaches, all aimed at enticing your customers to buy more products and services from you. Be polite and friendly to your audience, and talk about the specs of your products. Establish a way to communicate effectively to your target audience through these marketing strategies.

About the Author: Donna Amos

I believe you can achieve anything you truly want to achieve. “It might sound trite, but time and time again, I’ve seen it happen with my clients. They overcome the fear of exposing themselves to the possibility of failure to creating profitable exciting businesses. My clients do great work, and sometimes it only takes someone else believing in them to give them the confidence to step out and take the chance.”