Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Calendar in One Weekend!

Tired of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write that will attract your perfect clients and bring them deeper into your world?

We all know social media is an essential part of marketing online. 

Like any marketing platform without a plan in place, social media will not be as effective as it could be. 

As a smart business owner you know this. But like many things putting our CONSISTENT client-attracting content isn't as easy as it seems. 


What’s Inside the Book?

Cool Topic 1

Write here about the most important idea you cover in the book and use curiosity to spark your visitors’ interest.

Cool Topic 2

A good way to create curiosity is to tell what they’ll get, but not how. 

Cool Topic 3

Ready to discover how to engage your remote team and make them 140% more productive? In chapter 3 we’ll cover the “Rainbow & Gold” method that will allow you to de exactly that.

About the Author

Donna Amos

Donna entered the world of social media in 2006. Since then she has taught 1000's of small business owners how to use social media to it's full potential. In addition she has managed 100's of client accounts.

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