The Secret to Achieving Increased Exposure on Google Without Paying for it!

This step-by-step guide is all about how to gain exposure by developing your Google Business Profile.

By following these eight easy steps, you can enhance your web presence and attract clients — for free — on Google.


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Why Create a Google My Business Listing?

In our current culture, Google has transformed from a noun into a verb.

Think about it. We don’t say “search for it” — instead, we say “google it.”

This is a direct result of people finding incredibly useful information by using Google’s search engine. If you think this is an accident or coincidence, then think again. You see, Google has developed a mutually-beneficial system between their company and other businesses in the world.

Here's Why

If Google understands your business, then they can provide accurate information to their users about your business. If Google can provide accurate information to their users, then the users will continue relying on Google.


In order to store and show accurate information about other businesses, Google has developed a tool called Google Business Profile. Basically, this is our modern day version of the Yellow Pages.

Step by Step Guide

And, if you follow the simple steps to upload your business’ information to  Business Profile, Google will give you the equivalent of a FREE, full page, full color ad.

Show the Best of Your Business

By considering your business’ appearance on Google, you can easily establish an edge over your competitors.

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