A Few Great Steps to Google Love for Solopreneurs-Infinite Possibilities Coaching

Of course you want Google to love your site.  That doesn’t happen without some effort.  As a solopreneur you can do several no cost things to get that Google love.  The drawback is when you avoid financial costs you must make it up with time costs.  It does take time.  And most importantly consistent effort.  This is a lesson I learned myself.  The last half of 2009 I was very focused on other projects and dropped the ball with my efforts for consistent traffic to my blog.  I dropped from a 3 Ranking with Google to a 2 Ranking, which was very dissappointing.
As I begin my climb back up I thought I would share some of the steps I know works.
1.  It is important that you maintain new content on your blog to get the recognition you would like.  Once or twice a month won’t do it.  In fact the more you post the better.
2.  Once you have created great valuable content you should bookmark each posting.  I use www.onlywire.com which posts to several bookmarking sites after only one entry.  It does take time to set up your Onlywire account by once complete it is definitely a time saver.
3.  I recently read that you should include your site name in the title of your post.  You can see that I have done that with this post.  I don’t know the results yet, but I am open to testing.
4. The next step I would take is submitting your site to as many directories as possible. Some of them look for reciprocal links such as this site Links Market  The list below will certainly get you started, but there are definitely many more you can submit to.
5.  Although I am listing this fifth, it is definitely the very first action you should take.  Identify your ideal 2-3 word keywords using them in your posts of course.  Google’s own tool is a great resource to find those keywords and determine your competition. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
Have fun and remember consistency is the key to successful Google Love.

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Donna, I tried! Don’t think I got it done, couldn’t figure out the button for open wire

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