Podcasting has become an extremely popular source of information in today’s world. Nearly anyone can create their own podcast as long as they have the right podcasting equipment. Because of the medium’s accessibility, there are so many podcasts on different topics that you’re guaranteed to find one that piques your interest. Additionally, many businesses are now turning to podcasts as a way to grow their brand. There are so many advantages to starting a podcast as a small business owner, but you do need to consider the time and effort that goes into podcasting. Here are some of the best reasons to start your own podcast.

Things to Consider First

Before you can launch right into your podcast, there are some factors you’re going to want to consider. Running your own business is time-consuming enough in itself, so be sure that you have time to record and edit the podcast. Our advice is to record all episodes of the podcast in advance to ensure that they are edited and ready to be released before people begin listening. If you record each episode as it’s supposed to be released, you may find that the editing process takes longer than expected or some business-related matter may arise and delay the recording. Instead, have the entire season ready to go and you can release them all at once or week by week, depending on your chosen format.

Benefits of Podcasting

Market Your Brand

Creating a podcast is the perfect way to get your brand name out in front of a new audience. Podcasts are not direct advertisements, so people may feel more inclined to engage with the show as they are interested in the content rather than the products at first. But, the more familiar they become with your brand, the more likely they are to visit your site and make a purchase. Many businesses that run their own podcasts will offer listeners special promo codes and other perks to entice them to buy and reward them for their brand loyalty.

Build Credibility

Credibility is vital to starting and growing a new company because your customers need to know that they can trust you. This is the same reason many companies have blogs on their website. Through your podcast, you’re placing yourself as an expert in the field, which leads people to trust you and your brand. If your customers and potential customers feel as though they can come to you for answers about your industry, they are much more likely to buy from you as well because they trust that your products match your authority in the field. To build credibility, focus the podcast on topics that would be important and interesting to your listeners.

Engage with Your Industry

This platform is the perfect place to become more involved with your customers, community and other industry leaders. There are so many ways to bring other people into your podcast–whether you have guest interviews or insert a segment with questions from your listeners. This builds a rapport between you and your audience, who hopefully will become your customers. The more of an emotional connection you can create between your audience and your brand, the more likely your customers are to continually buy from you. This is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty and retain those returning customers.

Utilize Another Form of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of online advertising in which businesses create content related to their business or industry using SEO tactics. These strategies are intended to help websites rank higher on Google, which, in turn, exposes the businesses to more potential customers. When you have a podcast, you’ve created another outlet for content marketing as your podcast page will now pop up on Google searches and eventually lead people back to your company site. Consider your podcast name carefully though as you may not want the podcast site to lower your actual business site’s ranking.

Generate Additional Income

Many podcasters are making pretty good money just off running their show. As a business owner, you’re always looking for a way to generate revenue from your brand, and this is a great opportunity to get some passive income flowing in. You probably won’t be making money from the show itself right off the bat, but if you gain a loyal following and people enjoy the episodes, you might be approached by other brands that want to run ads during your show. As your show grows in popularity, you can also consider reaching out to other brands that you would want to partner with and see if they are interested in teaming up. These kinds of arrangements may not end up bringing in extra money but creating connections with other successful businesses can pay off in other ways.

How to Start a Podcast

The easiest part of starting a podcast is investing in podcasting essentials. You’ll get everything you need in one package, and it’s easy to use. You can hook the microphones right up to your computer. The trickier part is planning the podcast itself. Once you’ve decided to create your own show, you need to determine the format of the podcast (interview, discussion, narrative) and start writing individual episodes. Reach out to anyone who you would like to appear as a guest and plan interview questions well in advance so your subject has time to review and think about the answers that will be interesting to the audience.

Start Recording!

What are you waiting for? Starting a podcast is easy and can greatly benefit your company as it builds brand loyalty, increases your credibility and provides valuable information to your listeners. And, it may even open up a new avenue of income for your business once your podcast gains traction. Try purchasing affordable podcasting gear and reach out to people you would like to feature in your show. Then, come up with a catchy title and start writing down your ideas to share with your audience.
Author Bio: Ethan Long is the business development director for MovoPhoto. Before starting with them, he worked in advertising in NYC where he gained over eight years of experience in content and video marketing. In his free time, he enjoys being outside, learning new photo and videography techniques, and spending time with his wife and their dog, Rory.

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